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Collecting knowledge on nature-friendly and self-sufficient lifestyle to live as simple as our ancestors and as comfortable as modern citizens


The roof of your house should reflect your

lifestyle, desires, beliefs.

Discover a SHAKE ROOF - the roof that will tell stories about You and will protect Your house because it is reliable, it is beautiful, it lasts for a long time and you can build it yourself

Simple. Attractive. Rustic aesthetic.

Long-lasting roof you can build yourself from local materials.




New roof for an old building - a 100 years old log-building covered with a freshly made shake-roof.

Insulated roof

Insulated shake roof for a small log cabin in Garpenberg, Sweden. Hand-made the traditional way.

Reconstructed roof

Reconstructed shake roof for a hundred years old family farm in Ergli, Latvia

Four-plane roof

Four-plane shake roof for hay barn in Latgola, traditional architectural design

Two-plane roof and walls

Two-plane shake roof and walls for our shake workshop


Newly built workshop - log-building with a big veranda - in traditional style at Preili, Latvia

Small shellter

Small shake shelter the for duckhouse in the master's farm

Underneath of the black-alder roof

Underside of the black-alder shake roof for summerkitchen in Ambeli, Latvia

Road sign

Sign to the local church

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