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Aspen shakes -

ecological, long-lasting, local


no-waste production

only local materials used

no chemical processing

 with proper maintenance, aspen* shakes  can withstand the wet Baltic climate  even for 70 years (minimum 35 years)

*Aspen tree has the unique properties to create a layer of algae on the surface. This layer protects the wood from the destructive impact of bacteria, rain and sun.

In accordance with the high standards of

Latvian Building Codex 1933

7-9 mm thick

90-150 mm wide

730 mm long

without branch-holes

wood-core excluded

no categories - just the finest shakes are used for roofing

Split not sawn 


split on a special plane in an angle to create a structure 

similar to fish scale

splitting preserves arboreal cells intact (not damaged/cut as in sawing process)

scale structure prevents water from entering the shake

Pressed when drying 


easier to lay on the roof

reducing shake crack and twirling risk

more convenient to move and carry 

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